Tuesday, 5 June 2012

black dog barking

I think I have over indulged in jubilee related activites, and now I'm exhausted. Good job these things only happen once in a lifetime.

Feeling particuarly muddled and spaced out.

No idea what day it is, or what I'm supposed to being doing. Just disorientated and confused.

My mind and body have been stretched beyond normal capabilities. I think my bed is calling me, before I fall off this chair.

Headache and sickness have been haunting me all day. Boo. Yuk. Go away please.

Those all too familiar feelings of failure and shittiness have also been hanging around a little too much for my liking.

Would quite like to change my personality, my face, my life situation, basically EVERYTHING. I think about other people, and the feeling of envy just refuses to budge. Its irritating.  I always to be someone else, believing that their life is so much better than mine. And logically speaking, it may not be true, but black dog says its true, and its kind of hard to drown him out.



  1. So true Hun, so true, I feel these things on a daily basis . It does get better & the Canine Noir does go to sleep. Xxxx

  2. canine noir, i like that! thanks chick xxx