Friday, 18 May 2012


It continues to amaze me, even after all this time, that I'm still getting new people reading my blog...... From looking at my blog statistics, I can track where in the world people are accesing my blog. (I'm starting to sound like a technology geek...ha how ironic..!)

Obviously my biggest readership is in the UK, and after that its America, Australia, Russia, Thailand, France and New Zealand. I could copy and paste the most recent facts and figures but I'm beginning to bore myself now... Because what I really wanted to say was, a big  HELLO to my readers in Guatemala, China and Slovenia! I don't know who you are, but I'm excited that you've come along for the ride....

I'm currently bouncing off the walls with excitement, as I wait for some of my favourite people to arrive. Its going to be a very fun weekend.

The fridge is stocked, the house is cleaned....the alcohol is ready to be consumed....and all I have to do is wait....and stop looking at the clock....!

Bring it....on


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