Thursday, 3 May 2012

pop this on the box

I watch too much TV.


My eyes are going square and I'm coming out with phrases such as, "Well, thats a bit like the situation on Corrie at the moment..." Oh dear.

I even managed to iron my finger today as I was so engrossed in a lie detector result on Jeremy Kyle. (I know, I really need to get out more..)

But among the drivel of daytime TV that I am trying to ween myself away from, something interesting popped on the box earlier.

Click on the link above and take 30 mins out of your day to discover a little bit more about depression.

 This programme focuses primarily on the male species, and the difficulties that they have in asking for help. There are some scary statistics, and also some thought provoking insights from both sufferers and family members.

No matter what gender or age you are, the programme highlights that anyone is at risk of suffering from this nasty, shitty, horrible illness of depression.

Its reminded me that I haven't bought this on myself, that I'm not weak, and most of all, that there is hope for all of us.


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