Saturday, 26 May 2012

my secret life

Every weekend in the Independent magazine they interview a different celeb/personality. A few simple questions with interesting answers. So, it may be my not so secret life, but I quite enjoyed interviewing myself anyway....!


'Having the widest feet in the world is irritating'

Susie Piggott, 26, Blogger, Painter..or what you will

My parents were... always making me laugh, always encouraging me, always accepting me, and being the best role models I could hope for.

The household I grew up in... was changeable but full of love. Six different houses, and as many schools. My Dad has always worked for the church, and it still cracks me up when I tell people and see the look on their faces. Obviously I'm not a typical clergyman's daughter!

When I was a child I wanted to be...  an actress. I wanted to live on a canal barge with a Jack Russell and have a red sports car.

If I could change one thing about myself...  I would make my feet thinner. Having the widest feet in the world is irritating. Especially when you're in primary school and you want the magic key shoes, but you're stuck with the ugliest black lace ups because they're the only pair your fat feet fit into.

You wouldn't know but I'm very good at... this is the hardest question! I guess I can make a pretty good roast dinner...lemon and garlic chicken with crispy potatoes.

You may not know but I'm no good at... maths. I spent most of my time chatting to boys when I was supposed to be learning about triangles or whatever it is they teach.

I wish I had never worn... a bright yellow and blue Nike puffa jacket when I was about 13, I thought I was super cool, but on my first day at my new school I looked like a giant moron.

What I see when I look in the mirror... someone who I'm slowly beginning to recognise.

I drive... a bike? Does that count? I can't drive, and its a constant irritation because I know I will ever be able to do it! Mind you, I am saving the world by reducing my carbon footprint...

My house is... quite big! Ha, but it doesn't belong to me, or my parents! I would love to have my own little pad.

A book that changed me... The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, probably because it was the first book that took me to another world.

My favourite building... The Tate Modern in London. It is an oxymoron of beauty. As soon as I spot it I feel excited and passionate. I love spinning in the turbine hall and sitting for hours in the Rothko room. I always feel peaceful and happy there.

The last album I bought... was probably something really cheesy from a charity shop as I love a bargain and can't resist buying music that reminds me of when I was younger.

My greatest regret... is not keeping in contact with people I love. Sorry, I'm crap.

The person who really makes me laugh is... aside from my friends and family it has to be Peter Kay.

Whats the point? Love, hope, joy, faith and beauty.

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