Sunday, 29 April 2012

hope and JOY

Had the most interesting and memorable evening last night. I was invited (along with Mama and Papa Piggott), to a good friends 21st birthday celebration. Our friend Abigail, is Nigerian, and I have never been to a party so full of joy. Smiles and dancing everywhere. Warm handshakes and hugs aplenty. I loved every minute. Abigail is such a shining light, and the party epitomised all her best qualities.

It was a really interesting cultural experience too. Everyone was so relaxed and welcoming. So at ease with one another. Young and old danced together, and not in separate little groups, but all as one, making sure not to exclude people. The food was immense too. Yum yum.

It was also an alcohol free zone, and actually, although it was a Saturday night, I didn't even miss it. It was good to see everyone so high on life without alcohol. Not that I'm going to turn tee-total or anything, but it was good to see.

We were the only white people at the party, and at first, I felt really self conscious. I imagined everyone was thinking what an English bore I was. My clothes felt all wrong, and I just wanted to change the colour of my skin. I felt really uncool and just so old fashioned, and so so ENGLISH! It was a strange experience and gave me a small insight as to what life must be like when the tables are turned. But ultimately, I wanted to feel like I belonged, and as soon as the dancing started, I was dragged up and felt like I was one of the crowd.

I'm not sure why I'm writing so much about it....But I just know its one of those nights that I'm never going to forget. And when you have months of non existent days, when weeks blur into one another, its rather exciting when days and events begin to STICK OUT at you. They shout 'REMEMBER ME SUSIE! YOU HAD FUN! YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN!' ...I know I need to cling onto that...

To keep on clinging onto that hope and know I can experience some of that infectious joy once again...


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