Monday, 26 March 2012

sunshine giants

Today I purchased a sunflower...Well, hopefully it will turn into one anyway. The packet promises me a sunshine giant (I wonder if I can get my money back if it doesn't work...?) but it all depends whether I can turn the tiny seeds into something spectacular. Going on my past experience with plants, things aren't looking very hopeful. I generally tend to forget to water them for 2 weeks, then suddenly remember and end up drowning them in gallons of water. Whoops.

These seeds better be feeling hopeful and giant like, because if they end up relying totally on me, their chances of survival are pretty slim..!

But...I can try...and hope....and whisper in their ears tall and strong thoughts.....and maybe not drown them....or dehydrate them....and keep them away from hungry bunnies...and maybe, just maybe, they'll grow super sunny and giant like...

(Of course, this all depends on whether I actually get off my arse and plant them...Which again, judging from past experience, could be unlikely...I have so many wonderful ideas...But actually fulfilling them? Thats the tricky part...)

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