Monday, 20 February 2012

sleepy giggles

I have a very funny story up my sleeve this evening.

But I'm feeling utterly zonked and not especially witty so it may not come out quite right...

Picture the scene...A life drawing class, half a dozen people stood behind their easels drawing a naked lady..About half way through the class, the slightly older gentleman (I'm being kind, he's probably knocking on for 75) next to me quietly piped up to the tutor..."You know, this class isn't really what I was expecting. You see, I thought we would be drawing still life, perhaps a bowl of fruit...!"

Oh the hilarity of it all. Susie got the giggles. Uncontrollably. To the point where my tutor had to jab me in the ribs as the old chap was looking a little embarrassed.


Still giggling.


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