Wednesday, 25 January 2012

oh its all a bit random

I may have just committed a cardinal sin...Unsure whether to admit this so freely...but I just googled myself...Oh dear. I feel like this isn't really normal behaviour. Whoops Must remember that I am not a celebrity. But it was mildly exciting because a link to my blog and my twitter account came up! Wahoo. And for some weird reason it reminded me that I do exist. Ha. Oh the strange workings of my mind.

Also somehow  managed to get a link onto some kind of WW1 memorial site, about a chap called Henry Piggott who was killed in 1916. On the 19th April, which is the day after my birthday. Oooo that's a little bit freaky. And completely random and unrelated to anything else in this entry, but I felt like mentioning it anyway!

Its been a bit of a rubbishy day, but a sneaky sunbed followed by a diet coke did perk things up slightly. I sometimes feel like know one really realises just how much of a monumental effort each day is. Even though I'm making progress and keeping as busy as possible, the constant fight against the depression is so tiring. Its always waiting to pounce, I just have to keep doing my awesome karate moves to kick the black dog away. But its hard. And I wonder sometimes whether I will always have to fight against the darkness.

In the middle of another painting and just waiting for the first layer to dry. Its going to be a swirly, twirly, mixed up mash up of colour. Quite excited about it actually, so must go and get back to it...


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