Sunday, 15 January 2012

I must remember!

Oh dear.

I must remember not to drink too much...(repeat x100 until permanently stuck in brain..)

I must remember that I'm on an incredibly high dose of medication....(same instructions apply..)

My tummy really doesn't like to mix alcohol and anti depressants.

Or coco pops and crumpets.... Which I realised when seeing them in reverse this afternoon....

I was having so much fun last night, getting far too excited for my own good...I kind of forgot to wear my sensible hat....

But maybe that's good? Because I wasn't feeling like shit, I was actually OK and I was enjoying myself. I kicked the crap out of that black dog and he didn't come anywhere near me last night. Hurrah for that!

Although  I do feel extraordinarily awful today...I just need to remember to stop drinking at midnight. And then my stomach won't turn into a pumpkin.


1 comment:

  1. i've not had a drink in three years, couldn't do it with my medication. I was a maudlin drunk at the best of times..

    Mind you, at least I don't drunk text people nowadays.