Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Black dog has got hold of me today.

I can't function properly.

Communication is limited.

Body is exhausted.

Mind is all muddled up.

All I can think about is going to sleep.

Oh its going to feel good.

Urgh hate writing when I'm feeling this low. I worry people must think I'm such a moaning miserable bitch. Hmm. Actually, maybe there is some truth in that. Oh I don't know.

Going to force myself to eat something. Black dog always takes away my appetite and I really don't want to turn into a boney twiglet again. Yuk.


1 comment:

  1. Aha! Just where you're wrong. There is no truth at all in your wrong assumptions about what people think about you when your old fiendish enemy the Black Dog is about. What we think is that YOU ARE GREAT SUSIE.

    I've decided to start a campaign. You'll no doubt remember the fiendish Child Catcher in one of your favourite movies from yesteryear, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Well, i'm going to become the Fiendish Black Dog Catcher and i want all your blog readers to do the same. One of the main weapons in our BD Catching armoury is to tell you how much we love you. Another is to warn BD that he'll be muzzled, neutered and neutralised if he doesn't slink back into his kennel soon. BDCs of the world UNITE!!! xxxxx