Wednesday, 28 December 2011

dates and mystery

Killer of a headache, so probably not the best idea to be sat at the computer....


Although I have annoyingly not listened to my body and just wasted the past hour being nosey on the Internet. Its a dangerous habit. Whoops. I must control the gossip inside me...but its so hard! I love a bit of gossip. Not that I have any...Well, I might have some...But I really shouldn't say anything....I could just say a small bit of it....Maybe...

No..I won't..! My lips are sealed.

Ooh that was a good waste of a paragraph. Had you all on the edge of your seats for a minute. But in hindsight, I'm going to keep my mouth shut After all, a girl has to keep a few cards close to her chest. Sometimes I think that my life is like an open book, well, open blog really. So I need to keep some bits of my life mysterious.

I will say this....I am getting excited about a date in my diary. Not an actual date that you eat. Because I really hate dried fruit, its disgusting, so why would I put one in my diary?! Yuk.  But a date that's slowly but surely creeping nearer towards me (imagine if the dried fruit was doing that.. freaky..) So the fact that its nearly January, just makes that date seem a little closer.

Ha, this entry seems like a bit of a confusing oddball.

But that's OK.

That's just me!


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