Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Desperately trying to cool myself down after speeding walking home with  giant bag of heavy ducks legs. Who said it was winter? I have been surrounded by a mini heat wave all day. Knee high black boots and tights may have looked good, but I felt like my legs were in individual pressure cookers. Its quite possible that jets of steam were sighted whizzing out of the top.

But apart from the heat issues, it was good to be out and about. Life at home can be so quiet, and a little bit lonely. I love being part of the London buzz. And its so good for me to have some new challenges. A sign of progress. Hooray for that.

I've already been down to the Southbank twice this week. I just love being by the river. Now, I know the Thames could never win a beauty contest. Its always grey, and you don't really ever see cute ducks or anything stereotypically river like, but maybe that's what I like about it. Its big and dirty, but it doesn't pretend to be anything else. In all the changes that London has been through, the river has always stayed the same. Give or take a few more rats. And I like that continuity. Its a constant in a city that's always changing. When you need a space to think, its always there.


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