Wednesday, 19 October 2011

my worms are all muggled up

I'm a little bit muddled up and all over the place tonight.

Its the kind of evening when I'm most likely to put toothpaste on my face instead of moisturiser or maybe spill diet coke on the newly cleaned carpet. But fingers crossed, I will try and avert disaster.
I shall probably contain myself to the comfort of my bedroom, which pretty much looks like a bomb site anyway so I don't really think I could make it much worse...!

I had a bad case of cabin fever today and just HAD TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Despite being skint, I played the 'if I had a £1000 game' and picked out a few luxuries in Harvey Nichols. I quite like pretending to have a wallet full of dosh, I become my alter ego Lady Susanna, and quietly whisper, "But darling, when I was in Paris last month, it was all about red at fashion week, not burgundy.." Perhaps the fact that I'm wandering around on my own talking to myself slightly puts off the sales assistants from approaching me. Ah well, I'm in my imaginary world, and I don't care.

Am I a little bit sad?

Quite possibly yes...!


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