Monday, 17 October 2011


Still find it so bizarre that people are continuing to read this. Especially when I'm having a run of bad days, feeling totally shit and useless. I get to the computer and think, "Urgh. Nothing positive to say tonight. AGAIN." Which can get a little bit frustrating.
So its really nice to check out my blog stats, and be reminded that you gorgeous people out there in cyber land are still routing for me to survive and beat this illness.
At least I think you are. I hope you are. You may just be laughing at the slightly strange situations I get myself into. Or giggling at the odd ways my brain works. I'm guessing maybe a little bit of both.
 Giggling is good, laughing is better, and nearly wetting yourself and not being able to breath because something is so HILARIOUS is priceless. Not that I've been in that situation for a while. Maybe I should put on some Alan Partridge. That usually cracks me up a treat. 
Anyway, just decided to share my blogging stats for the last 17 days, and say a huge big THANK YOU to everyone, all of you (even you gross person picking your nose...ewwww...)
United Kingdom
 pageviews 1,057
United States pageviews
 pageviews 22
Thailand pageviews
Australia pageviews
 pageviews 14
Russia pageviews
 pageviews 2
India pageviews
Also I have some readers in Singapore, Denmark, and another country that I cant remember the name of, but it sounded quite exotic!
Hello and thank you to you too!