Friday, 28 October 2011

jumble jumble everywhere

Little bit shaky this evening. Just had my tea and started juggling with the houmous, luckily none of it ended up on the floor. Phew.

After a few weeks of organising, the jumble sale has finally arrived. Tomorrow morning I will have my selling hat on and my fingers crossed that people turn up! Its been a good distraction for me...But I must admit I'm a wee bit nervous about it all too. I think I will probably have to keep sneaking out for breaks. Hopefully Kim won't find me cowering in the corner, hiding from all crazy crowds.

 Deep breath Sooz.

 Don't put any pressure on yourself.

You're not letting people down if you find it all overwhelming.

When Kim and I were sorting through the jumble, we found some absolute classics. Frayed old ladies bra anyone? Or perhaps a rusty paint covered radio? But fear not, we weeded out the crap (well, most of it..)

Ahh! I'm going to stop thinking about tomorrow. My mind is racing and I can feel my body getting more and more panicky.

What shall I think about instead?



I know, I'll play a good song, and try and muster up a bit of confidence...

Big sigh.

Here we go...again!

I can do this...can't I?


p.s my lovely friend Louisa took this photo on Wednesday....I haven't seen a rainbow for so long...and it was just another little reminder that hope can always be found..sometimes in the most unexpected places...!


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