Thursday, 15 September 2011


By all accounts its been a funny old week.

Well, not funny really, maybe surreal is more of the right word.

Sometimes I feel like I'm living my life through the eyes of someone else. I know that sounds super weird....and perhaps a little nut-like. Crazy as a coconut maybe? Its the strangest feeling, like you kind of almost step out of your mind and body and see things happening as if you're watching it on a film.

I really am sounding like a bit of a coconut so I might stop typing about that scenario...

Now is not the right time for me to write all about the events of this week. Things are still feeling a bit raw and real, and I need some time for reflection.

Which is why I'm going away for 2 weeks!


A weekend in London with the bestest girls in the world, full of hugs, houmous and (another 'h' word would be good here...) oooo I know HOPE! Yes. Good work. Hugs, houmous and hope. What a cracking combination.

And then.....I'm riding the rail down to beautiful Devon, to the little town of Dartmouth for some serious sleep and relaxation.

So this blog may not be updated for a while. I don't think I have Internet access where I'm staying, although I may try and steal it from a neighbour or something. Some sneaky detective stealth work to be carried out...


Oh and I finally got my tattoo...the word 'hope' written on the inside of my wrist...


'Hope can often hide, but always be found' xxx

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