Friday, 30 September 2011


Blimey, I've only been away for 2 weeks and facebook has gone all weird on me.

Its too confusing.

Too many boxes and links, my brain cannot cope!

I've been cooped up in a car for 3 hours and I'm feeling strangely energetic yet extraordinarily sleepy.

So maybe sitting at the computer isn't the best idea.

But I'm glad we're back. I am not a fan of packing, or travelling, or unpacking. Its a bit of an anxiety fuelled nightmare. So, at least I don't have to think about any of that now.

And now I'm back, I was thinking on my journey about turning my body into a temple.

Well, not literally you understand, I don't think clanging bells and a tower on top of my head would really work. More of the looking after my body kind of thing. I try to look after my brain quite a lot, which can be very tiring, and so then I forget about my body.

I don't eat any fruit, and I'm not exactly the fittest girl around town, so it could be an inspired idea.

I did have a phase of jogging which was good...and then slowly fizzled out. So maybe I should start small, a few sit ups here and there. The odd strawberry for breakfast kind of thing.

I guess it would probably involve giving up smoking too. Hmm. One step at a time. I'm starting to give my mind more of the respect it deserves nowadays, so feel like my body should also follow suite.

Actually, now I think about it, I'm not so sure...This could be one of my brilliant ideas that I actually never do and then I kick myself for telling other people about it.

Ooo I curse my wittering writing, I curse it!


P.S this has been on my ipod, non stop....

"Hold On" Razorlight

Well now your here you are in your life
And now your finding out why
You've got to learn how to fight
Before you learn how to fly

So stick your fist up prove them wrong
Don't lose the words to the song
Coz its a long way down
I guess you know that by now

But if you hold on
Well I will hold on too
And if you reach up
Yeah I will reach up too

Well now your here in your life
Its such a long way down
Somehow you figure it out
So now you turn it around
But I know

But if you hold on
Well I will hold on too
And if you reach up
Yeah I will reach up too

Too...too.. too.

And one thing before you go
Just let everyone know
You refuse to regret it
Just like everyone said you would
Just like everyone knew you would

Just say that you can
Sleep at night
Just say that you get nervous
With the struggle you fight

You cant believe what your told
And you cant be alone and you cant let it go and you cant lose control and you know
You are not just anyone
No your not just anyone

And if you hold on
Well I will hold on too
And if you reach up.. then I will reach up too
And if you hold on.. and I will hold on too
And if you reach up..

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