Monday, 22 August 2011



I have neglected my blog for quite a few days now.

But fear not.

I am still alive and typing away.

I also have quite a large red mark on my arm as I have to keep pinching myself.

You see, a very special friend of mine is visiting from the states, and I still can't quite believe that after 3 years apart, we have been reunited.

I also cant quite believe how much I have achieved over the past few days.

Although I'm somehow still managing to feel like a failure.

And constantly racked with guilt.


Had a few bits of scary news today, luckily I managed to sneak in an emergency Valium. Phew. I'd been saving it up and now I'm a little spaced out....

But that's OK...

I think.

So many conflicting emotions going on. I think I should stop thinking about them, because the more I think, the more confused I feel.

Think  think think.

I need to stop thinking!


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