Sunday, 7 August 2011

Strange body anxiety bits

Just spent the past 2 hours watching Midsummer Murders. Oh god. I'm in trouble. I think I'm taking this whole guilty pleasures thing to a whole new level.

Annoyingly, it was strangely engrossing though. And a little bit scary. Not the killing/ murder bits but there was a Punch and Judy show! Eeek!!! Freaks the beeeeejeus out of me.

I've got one of those horrible unquenchable thirsts today. I think I've probably drunk about 20 glasses of water. But still, I feel like I'm in the middle of a desert, absolutely parched. Sometimes it can actually be one of my slightly strange body anxiety things. A bit like the shaking hands or tapping leg. I get a dry mouth too. Weird. And especially annoying when you have to keep on going for a wee every 10 minutes.

Too much information? I'm just glad I'm not on a train. I flatly refuse to use those toilets. So I would have to choose between an incredible thirst, with my tongue hanging out like a dog, panting away, or drinking loads of water and doing the 'I need a wee dance'....(Everyone has one right? Its not just me? you kind of hop between your feet, wiggle around a bit and tell everyone to STOP TALKING ABOUT WATERFALLS....)


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  1. Lol...I have those thirsty days when you wish you were hooked up to an intravenous drip.