Friday, 12 August 2011

Help, honesty and cheese

Just been sitting in the garden having a little Beatles jam on the old ipod.  And then this song came on......


And it made my brain cells stop and ponder. What if last November, I had never gone to the doctors? What if I had been too scared, too worried, that I couldn't ask for help? I knew something was wrong, but I wasn't exactly sure what. Maybe I should have gone to the doctors 3 months previously. Who knows. But the thing is, I was worried, and I was scared. I kind of knew that I would be opening a big horrible can of worms. And that once they had been released, there would be no going back.

So this entry may be full of cheese tonight. But I think I'm past the point of caring....!

Because if just one person reads this and it triggers something in their head. Or makes them think of a friend or relation who might be struggling. Then its worth me writing, and forfeiting the cheese.

We can't survive on our own.

I've learnt that.

We need to be honest.

I've learnt that too.

 And not just with ourselves (which is sometimes the hardest...!) But also with the people around us.

Someone out there does want to help you.

And someone out there needs your help.


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