Monday, 1 August 2011

Guilty pleasures

We all have guilty pleasures.... Secret habits that we would rather not share with the world....(But I'm kind of over that now with this blog writing thing...!)

I often feel very self indulgent about my guilty pleasures...and some of them are new discoveries that just make my day feel a little less black...So I thought I would just make a list to remind myself of my own guilty pleasures, so that when I'm having a particularly rough day, I can sneak a peak at the list and relish in a bit of pleasure.....and try not to feel too guilty...and maybe, just maybe they might help someone else too....

1. Coronation Street......After watching an omnibus one Saturday morning I am now well and truly hooked. Its not just a soap. Its a comedy series too. Although I'm usually laughing at them and not with them...

2. Homes from Hell/ Help my house is falling down.... These people just make me feel better that I don't own a house...and that its not falling down...cruel but true!

3. Jeremy Kyle...OK, so maybe quite a few of my guilty pleasures are on the TV...But these crazy people again just make me feel a little better about my life....And its also a little bit of comedy gold.

4. Plucking my eyebrows....Maybe its not a guilty pleasure, as its a general necessity, but its just SO satisfying (N.B over plucking will result in a permanent surprised expression, not recommended..)

5. Having an emergency cigarette....(I don't generally recommend this either, but when needs must..)

6. Oooo making and eating a jelly. Quick, easy, and super tasty. Raspberry is the best.

7. Ripping a piece of paper over and over again until its in tiny tiny pieces. Equally scribbling all over something you've written with a big black marker. Weird. But satisfying. Not really sure how guilty that one is either actually. Unless its someone else's paper...

8. Listening to an ultimate cheesy ballad and singing your heart out. No matter how out of tune you are. Who the hell cares. No one is listening! I recommend....good old Celine.

9. Dancing to a crazily upbeat poptastic song when you would quite like to poke out the singers eyeballs. Don't. Dance instead. Imagine you're on stage. Thousands of fans screaming your name and admiring your amazingly awful dance moves.... Oh if I only had a PVC red catsuit like Britney, that really would take the guilty pleasure to a new level....

10. Have a glass of wine. Or a can of strongbow. Its not really guilty. But it sure tastes good after a crappy day.


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