Friday, 5 August 2011

First night in Nailsea

Settling into my new pad for the week...

A can of Strongbow, stretching out on a deck chair and listening to some Johnny Cash = excellent relaxation technique.

Its also an excellent falling asleep technique too.....But as I am typing, its clearly apparent that I am awake. Well, half awake at least. Or half asleep....(Its funny how you never say half awake isn't it? Always half asleep. Hmmmm...)

Its been a pretty tiring day. Maybe not physically tiring. I haven't trekked up a mountain or anything. But mentally tiring. My brain feels like its been on a treadmill all day. And one of those scary ones that gets faster and faster and the gradient get higher and higher. But I think I may have found the turn off button now.

Well, I'm certainly trying to look for it...


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