Saturday, 9 July 2011

Where has all the mystery gone?

Does anyone ever stop and think how weird the Internet it?

I mean really weird. Not just a little bit weird. Before facebook, twitter, blogging, texting, what was life like? I mean, I remember. I'm not that absent minded. But it was definitely different. Remember when the first mobiles came out. I had this huge Motorola with a little aeriel and everything. I miss that bad boy. Wish I'd kept it, probably be worth something now... Everyone always used to say to me, why are you writing everything in capitals, stop shouting! And the truth was, I just didn't know which button to press to change it..whoops. You always put on the end of your messages TB or txt bk. I'm not really sure why... I might start doing that to people to freak them out. My Dad is still a big fan of abbreviating everything in his texts. To the point when often, it takes me about 10 minutes to decipher what he is on about...

I think before facebook there was an air of mystery surrounding everyone. And I kind of miss that. I miss the mystery.

I am about as mysterious as a plot in Diagnosis Murder.

Especially now with this blogging shenanigan that I seem to have gotten myself into.

 We can find out where are friends (and frenemies...) are at a click of a button. Where are they living? Are they married, engaged, single, have they got kids? Where are they working? What do they look like? Are they still gorgeous/not so gorgeous/fat/thin/old/young? So much information at our fingertips its a bit overwhelming.

I think I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the Internet to be honest. I love being able to contact people so easily, and especially with this blog, its been such a lifeline for me. But I also am cursed with the rather large matter of comparing myself to everyone out there.

For example....profile pictures on facebook. I believe the devil invented this conundrum. I am never satisfied with any photo I put up. My eyes either look too oversized, my face is too moonlike, or my legs look fat, or my smile is crooked, or my hair is crazy or most generally, I just look like a twat...the list goes on.... (probably safe to say I have a few image issues that I need to deal with...) The point is....I don't think there is one photo I like of myself that I think I look vaguely OK. And that is irritating. Especially as everyone else looks so flippin beautiful and fun out there on the Internet waves.

Not really sure what point I'm trying to make here.......I think I may have got a little distracted and gone onto a tangent....Hmmm...

Time for another dose of Valium I think....!



  1. Share your sentiments about facebook, better the devil you know!