Sunday, 24 July 2011

sunday night with Sooz

Still no word on who sent me the exciting FunFax package in the post. Would someone like to enlighten me? Or am I really going to have to get my super spy hat on and track you down........?

I certainly haven't got my writers hat on. Not that I'm sure I ever have had that hat on. Maybe a small writers headscarf. But probably not a full blown Panama (which I imagine is what all proper writers wear when they are having serious intellectual thoughts.)

I don't think I have my funny hat on either. Again, I don't really think I ever have had a funny hat. Perhaps a slightly odd looking fascinator thingy that you buy once for someones wedding because you're having a fashion emergency and you never wear it again, because actually, it doesn't really suit you.

Wow. Long sentence. See, I knew I had left my writers headscarf somewhere. Possibly in bed. That seems to be where I am spending the majority of my time at the moment. This whole change over in medication situation really seems to be hitting me hard. All I can do is wait. Wait for the doctor to get the medicine right. Wait for my body not to have a stupid allergic reaction. And wait for the drugs to actually kick in.

That is quite a lot of waiting.
And I am a very impatient person.
Which is just another problem to add to the list...



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