Monday, 18 July 2011

Agent Piggott is on the case

Another difficult, horrible, gut wrenching, black dog, anxiety overload filled day.


When is this new medication going to kick in? I really would like to know the answer please. If only I had a magic 8 ball...I really think the answer just might be in there....

But the one very exciting thing that did bring a smile to my face was a package that landed on my doorstep....Its all very intriguing...I have no idea who its from! Its been packaged in America, but the postmark is from Germany, so I am totally confused. Whats even more exciting is what the package contained...a Funfax spy manual! Yes!! My childhood dreams of becoming a spy may finally be coming true...And so it must be someone who read my blog about my love of Funfaxes and how much I wish I still had mine...!(Yes what a great spy I am to work that great big clue out..!) Thank you so much lovely and thoughtful person. Please tell me who you are! Otherwise I will have to use some of my new spy skills and track you down.

It really was the best thing about my day.
So not just a little thank you. Its a BIG thank you.


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