Monday, 6 June 2011

Susie and her saw

I feel that my writing has been particularly appalling recently. I seem to only be able to converse in. Really. Short. Sentences.

So we shall see if I can get the flow going a little better this evening. That's whats been missing; flow. My writing has been really disjointed. But then I guess that's a reflection of my mind, which is extremely disjointed.... (I really wish I could think of another word, but I can't so I'll just have to use it twice...!)

I chopped down a tree this afternoon. Yep that's right. I did some gardening. Well, if hacking and chopping things down can count as gardening? My rule is, if it doesn't have a flower, then it gets chopped. It seems to be working quite well for me so far. And maybe tree isn't exactly the correct terminology. You could say, small tree, or very large bush. Whatever. It was dead and was blocking the doorway. And now its gone. Hurrah.

I used these giant clipper scissor things, but more exciting than that was when I got to use the little hand saw. I tell you what, if I get excited about a hand saw, I should never be let loose around those extreme power tools. Wow. There probably wouldn't be much left of the garden.

But its just so satisfying chopping something. Causing destruction, but in a positive way. I am such an impatient lady, I really hate waiting for things, and my concentration span just tends to lose interest. I guess that's why I like painting and writing, and knitting. Instant results. And now chopping too. Ooo I should of worn my shorts and a lumberjack shirt for the full effect. I did however get my crazy wild locks stuck in a big bit of beastly thorn which was quite distressing. They got chopped...(the thorns not my hair...) Ha. Revenge is sweet.

Trouble is, my arm is really aching now. And weirdly so are my stomach muscles. Who knew that gardening toned up your abs? Interesting.


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  1. Make a garden aerobics dvd and you'll be coining it in.