Saturday, 21 May 2011

A little micro giggle

Just a little mini micro tiny post tonight.

Its been a long day...And my carriage awaits.......(car/carriage its the same right?)

So really has been a long day. And my mood has fluctuated a ridiculous amount. After a morning spent unable to get out of bed, I've really had to push myself this afternoon. Black dog has the very annoying habit of paralysing my body...

...Butttttt this is what has made me smile, and I'm sure the lovely Miss Chapman resident of Virginia Beach, USA.. won't mind me sharing this one...

Me: I think I'm popping to the pub tonight for a drink
Kat: Cool.. Enjoy your longbow!!!
Me: mean Strongbow....??
Kat: Oh yeah...oops!

I can't wait to take this girl for a drink in my local....
And now I will forever ask for a pint of longbow, just to see what happens....

Thank you for making me giggle Miss Chapman


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