Thursday, 21 April 2011

Twisting my melon man

Had to write this down quickly before the hilarity of it all faded away.... crazy 2 year old nephew Joshua is here at the moment. And one of his favourite past-times that I can fully participate in is dancing. He loves marching around the living room, spinning in a circle, and generally flinging himself all over the shop. His usual taste of music is Balamory, the Smurfs, wheels on the bus kind of jazz....but today I decided to introduce him to something new. Something different. Something altogether more refined...

I was very kindly given a truly mind blowing album at the weekend from my lovely girl friends, 100 hits of the 90's. Words cannot express just how fabulous the music is. Gina G, MN8, Cleopatra, Mark Morrison,to name just a few musical genius's (genie-i.. hmm not sure)....Anyway... also the Happy Mondays singing Step On. To which little Joshua has become very fond of. And I have accidentally on purpose taught him the words. So all day he has been saying "You're twisting my melon mannnnn!!"

Oh its so funny.

I think he would be an instant YouTube hit... (may explore this....)

All through mouthfuls of bolognase at dinner he kept on looking at me and saying, "Yourrtwistingmmmeymelonnman" (whilst covering me in tomato)

He also does a great impression of Austin Powers, which again, I accidentally on purpose taught him. He can't stop saying, "Grooovy babyyyyy!"

And I can't stop laughing at him. Which makes him do it more....Making me laugh more...

Which is excellent news. Although my family are probably cursing themselves for leaving him alone with me...Whilst being slightly worried about what cool Auntie Susie might teach him next......


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