Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I can't think of a title (again)

Argh just ripped my nail and now its bleeding so trying my best not to get blood all over the keyboard. Nuts.

My nails look officially awful at the mo. Over the past couple of months I have got quite into painting them, a little bit of pleasure gained by looking at an exciting colour... But now they are so weak, feeble and insanely brittle! I cant really see the point in doing them now. They will just look like little girls nails when they first discover nail polish and its all messy and their fingers are tiny. I don't want to go there again. Gross.

Sleepy Sooz again this evening. Had mass clear out of bedroom this morning. Thought I was getting rid of 6 years of crap...more like 24 years...! The thing that's really annoying is that you think, why on earth did I hold onto this ragged old friendship bracelet circa 1994? It should of been in the bin years ago! Found a couple of gems...particularly my old homework diaries..although I think more letter writing and boy fancying was jotted down rather than schoolwork...

Left to my own devices I would of had an afternoon of curling up in a ball. But Mama persuaded me to get some fresh air...And then something slightly amusing happened. Been trying to write it but it just doesn't seem as funny anymore. I'm tired. I need to lie down. Ugh. Yuk. Bugger off black dog.

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