Monday, 11 April 2011

Au revoir shoes

Well. What can I say. Can words possibly explain such a sad and devastating experience such as this...

I had to return the shoes.

That's right, the super sexy gorgeous I love you Susie shoes. I only wore them round the house one night and they gave me a huge blister on my stubby little toe. I would swear and curse and them, but they were just too beautiful. I did however swear and curse at my little fat hooves. I hate my feet. grrr. So it was with sadness and regret that we parted ways. I thought about keeping them and maybe housing them in a little glass box just so I could admire them and maybe stroke them once in a while. But no, it would be too much temptation. Back they went. Bye bye shoes.

The day the super sexy gorgeous I love you Susie shoes and I met, I did however, make another purchase. And this one I have held onto. Not only that, I have actually worn it several times. Wahey.

Now the item in question is a denim skirt from Zara. Cuteness. Classic. Comfy yet cool. Yet the only slight problem is that because I either live in trackies or jeans, I just feel a little exposed. And I cant help feeling that my arse is permanently on show. So I have to keep checking that I'm not flashing my pants to the world. Which frankly, becomes a little tiring. I'm hoping I will come to terms with the shortness of the skirt soon, and maybe it just feels short because I haven't worn one for ages. Or maybe I'm just getting old and grannyish...nooooo!

The last 3 days I have worn the same jeans, and my favourite comforting grey zippie hoodie thing (which my Mum wants to burn...) But today I actually wore my new little skirt, put some slap on my face (still using the eyedew dazzling eye drops, well recommended) and attempted to tame my crazy hair. Success. And it actually managed to ease the blow of saying Au revoir to those beautiful super sexy gorgeous I love you Susie shoes......


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  1. Check you out!! ha ha. Tough break on the shoes, at least you had a brief romance with them.