Saturday, 23 April 2011

'Allo Vera

Just sitting here and thinking about how maybe there are a few advantages to hot sunny weather....As I have been so anti-sunshine recently....

The first (and actually the main one really) is that when the sun is shining it is suddenly acceptable to lie down all afternoon and nap. Yes. This is my kind of thinking... I like it. Bring on the napping. Love my sunbed. And it makes me think why couldn't of just got it out in the cold weather? These past couple of months I have been missing a trick. Yes I would of had to wear about twenty million layers, plus blankets. But I would be outside, and it would be deemed acceptable...wouldn't it? Hmm maybe not. I think I'm forgetting about the word sun in sunbed. Ah well. I'm sure the another genius idea is waiting round the corner for me....

And now I have managed to completely distract myself and I cant remember any other advantages to sunny weather.


Oh wait... Yes. I remember. Smells. That's what else I like about this weather. The smells it creates. Because after being in the garden all afternoon I've  covered myself in Aloe. And the smell just takes me back to America.

Straight away I'm back in Virginia, the first weekend of my 3 month trip when I horrendously burnt my knees. Oh the shame. And my little bottle of aftersun just wasn't going to cut the mustard. I needed something cooling and healing asap. So a lovely person whisked me away to Target (translation, kind of like Wilkinson's, but bigger, more exciting and they have a popcorn cafe thing, wow) and pointed me in the right direction.

What was this mysterious lotion called Aloe I wondered. The only Aloe I'd ever heard of was something to make my washing powder smell nice. And of course the funny little 'allo vera' bird off the telly.

Anyway my point is....I was hooked. Aloe and me have been best buds ever since. I love the bright fluorescent green colour. I love the way it looks like jelly. I love how smooth and cool it makes my skin. I love the smell. And most importantly, I love the memories.

All that from a bottle of moisturiser.

Weird? Yes. Random? Completely. But excellent work that I'm finding something to distract myself from black dog? Yes indeedy!


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