Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Susie the Beluga

Currently feeling pretty frustrated! Its so difficult to get the balance between pushing myself to do a little more each day, and not over stretching myself.

Being such a determined little lady, I often seem to over stretch myself. Had a panic attack a couple of hours ago. My body's way of telling me to sit down, shut up, and be quiet.Arrgh.

On one hand I feel like I'm achieving things and making progress. And on the other hand I feel like most people get up, travel on trains, buses, meet people, go to work, buy things from shops...and all that normal everyday stuff that just seems to be so overwhelming for me.

Its so difficult not to compare myself with others.

But I know in order to make any real substantial progress I need to focus on myself. Getting Susie better. And just blocking out all that other stuff...

Oooo just a small challenge for the day then?!

On the plus side I have decided that if I lived in the sea then I would defo be a Beluga...or Balooga.....(and not a Bugaloo, which I thought it was called..that name has just been jumping out of my head all day...)



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