Saturday, 5 March 2011

A little smiling turtle

I saw this photo in 'The Independant' this morning. This may sound a little nuts, but I kind of wish I was this turtle. The picture is taken after it was released into the Atlantic for the very first time. It had been rescued, and nurtured back to health in Florida. The photographer is Eric Cheng. After I had googled him I expected to read that this was a recent photo, but its not, it was taken in 2005! I felt mildly cheated by the paper... But I can get over it...Only because I  love the picture so much.

The look of joy and delight on its little face is amazing.  The freedom of the sea, the space, the simplicity...its all very tempting....Who knew that turtles could smile? It could be happening all the time, smiling little turtle faces bobbing around the ocean. Like in 'Finding Nemo'. Yes. Totally want to be a turtle now. New favourite animal....

I needed to see that today. Black dog has been biting at my heels all day. Bastard.

So in order for this blog to make any sense at all...check out the link below...see what you think!


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  1. Instinct, a powerful thing. I share your sentiments about being a turtle. I think theres afew evolutionary stages to get through 1st. You've chosen a good name for that black dog by the way. Turtle Power!! :@)