Friday, 18 March 2011


Today I've mostly been listening to this..... its from one of my favourite films, 'Amelie'...go on...have a little listen.. Very soothing. Calming. Relaxing. Transports you to Paris, a magical place where anything can happen...

My head feels like its been pounding all week. Painkillers don't even seem to touch it. Arrgh. Been drinking a gallon of water to keep re-hydrated. I have this weird unquenchable thirst when my anxiety gets bad...

I feel like I might throw up any second too. Nice. Yuk yuk yuk. Hope no-one is reading this whilst eating!

 Muzzy fuzzy head. Brain so full up of thoughts whizzing around, I can't even begin to make sense of them. Its so tiring trying to work them all out. An impossible task. So whats the point of even trying?!


This evening seems to be stretching ahead of me...6 o'clock, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11......keep checking the time. When can I go to bed? Is it too early? Probably...curses.....


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