Monday, 7 March 2011

Cold cold and more cold

Sat here typing, feeling absolutely freezing! I can no longer feel my toes or my fingers. Which is weird because the sun has been shining all day. Hmmm... I literally don't think I could be wearing any more layers. I currently have on underwear (bit obvious, but if we're counting layers then lets be thorough...) bootie slipper thingys,  jeans, a long sleeve top, a cardigan, a woolen jumper, a blanket, a woolen scarf (that's huge...I made it myself actually, first knitting project. Please be impressed. And a cute little woolly headband thing...and I'm still cold. Oh yeah and I look like the Michelin Man.

What an excellent outfit.... I'm all for practicality over style (in extreme circumstances) but these layers aren't even working...!

Maybe I have ice running through my veins. Or maybe I don't have blood running through me, I have  Diet Coke instead...I do drink an awful lot of it....

So what have I done today?

Lets think....Went for a walk in the sunshine this morning along the river. Bit muddy. Paranoia about getting jeans dirty.... Took provisions of pear drops and oreos to make it to the pub just before I was about ready to collapse. Very nearly passed out when barmaid said they had run out of crisps (seriously, how can a pub run out of crisps?!) But Mama saved the day and bought me some chips to give me a little energy boost.

And for the last 4 hours I've been trying my best not to fall asleep. The walk has made me so exhausted....yawn yawn yawn....Mama again saved the day by putting the rocking chair in front of our patio windows, so I could look out at the garden, rock away, and have a little knit. Now no judgement here people. I know I sound like a Grandma. And maybe I am....But its exactly what I needed. I put some Johnny Cash on my ipod and zoned out... I often find it so difficult to concentrate. Things like watching a film or reading a book, generally just make my brain ache too much. I'm OK if I'm watching a film that I have seen before. Or reading something really relaxing. But otherwise my mind just freaks out and generally reacts by falling asleep...Which is not good. Because if I sleep in the day then I wont sleep at night...Its all so FRUSTRATING....

Ok, enough typing now....going to go and sit on a radiator.....


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  1. Know how you feel but your doing great. Going on a walk is a 'big' deal when the synapses are on strike!! I feel like i'm on a bungy cord when im out sometimes.