Sunday, 15 November 2015


As I sat fidgeting on the sofa, struggling to get comfy,  I said to Mr B, "I feel like I need to do something creative, I need a project. I need to paint or write or something".

To which he replied, "Why don't you write something for your blog, you haven't done it for ages'"

So here I am.

(Good old Mr B.)

My mind is full to bursting, yet I cannot pinpoint my thoughts.

Racing through my mind like commuters in the morning rush hour.

You see the same familiar faces every day, but at the same time you don't truly recognise anyone. And before you have chance to take a second look at someone, the journey has ended, the face is lost.

I can see these thoughts, know them, but I cannot make sense of them. 

They disappear into the spiraling void of my psyche before I can grab them.

Which leaves you feeling rather muddled.

And cofuffeld (NB not a kerfuffle, but my own personal word meaning confused/muddled/ruffled. For example, if you fall asleep on a long journey you can wake up feeling very cofuffeld, and rather crusty too. But the crustiness is irrelevant in this instance.)

Anyway, thats the state of my mind right now, and I probably just need to give myself a little bit of space to un-cofuffle things. 

Its just a tad tricky when you're working full time.

I have found one great way to un-cofuffle myself, and that is COLOURING.

My evenings are now spent picking through my felt tip pens, my hands covered in smudged ink.

I'm on my second book now, and this is a link to my favourite, called the 'Enchanted forest'.

The strange thing is, when I was younger, I used to hate colouring in, and found it so boring. I hated trying to stay within the lines. I much preferred to go freestyle, experimenting with my own wild drawings.

But perhaps now, when my mind needs to be taken to a place of tranquility, somehow colouring allows you not to think.

Which is kind of where I need to be right now!