Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A few more changes...

So it would seem that whilst I was writing my last blog, without knowing it, I must have been having some special sixth sense powers (maybe now is the time to play the lottery.) I was writing about change, and who would have guessed (not moi), but my life was about to change even more....

Phewy its rather exhausting.

But exciting.

And a little bit scary.

Rather like the first day of school, when you're worried that your skirt might get tucked in your knickers or you'll call your teacher 'Mum'.

I was quite tempted to get my stationary supply organised and buy a new pencil case, but I didn't want to look too much of a keen bean. (And I wasn't sure where you even buy a pencil case now to be honest...)

I guess its just all proof, once again, of how things can change in your life that your mind could never even imagine (and I've got a pretty good imagination!) I mean, I never thought I would work again, and yet I've had a part time job for the past 18 months. Then I thought I would never work full time again, and here I am, working full time. Not that your life should be measured on these things. No no. Not at all. But its still pretty incredible.

Anywho. Enough about that.

Oh no, hang on, I forgot my other point.

I realize there is rather a lot of political stuff flying around at the moment, what with the general election coming up and everything. So I won't bombard you with politics too much. However, a comment was uttered last week in the televised debate that I wanted to highlight. When talking about the NHS Mr Clegg expressed a hope and belief that the mental health department should be given as much funding and support as physical health.

And I just wanted to say hurrah! Well said! And all six leaders should have given him a pat on the back! 

This is where change is most definitely needed. We need to stop the stigma surrounding mental health, and be the change :)