Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Oh gosh, has it really been almost a month since my last post? Must try harder. However, my life has been rather taken over with things like painting walls and packing boxes....

As I walked up the road this evening, I began to think about change. I'm about to embark on a change in my life, a very nice and lovely exciting change, but whilst some change can feel positive, I do think its also important to address some of the other issues that change can bring up.

Am I making sense?

Possibly not.

But I shall continue nevertheless.

Let me give you an example, someone I know is planning to move out of the house they've lived in for the past 30 years. This person (who shall remain nameless, although some readers may know said person) has been incredibly brave and positive as she goes through this huge change. She has told me how lucky she is to have such a supportive family to help her through this change and she knows that its the right decision. 

I told her just how courageous I thought she was for making this decision. However, although its great to be positive, if some days she woke up and felt a little sad or unsettled about the approaching change, she should embrace that too.

The important point being not to repress any feelings that you have, or not feel guilty about having them. To understand that even positive change can bring about restless or anxious feelings.

And it would seem that its not just me, or the unnamed person above who is going through change at the moment, because of course change is happening all the time.

Our life on earth is fluid, it never stays still, things are always changing. 

Sometimes change can come creeping up on us, gradually poking its head round the corner. Alternatively, our lives can change in an instant, sometimes shocking us to the core.

Whichever change you may be going through, I think the critical point is recognizing all the many elements of that the change can bring.

On the other hand, you may be reading this and thinking "What is this girl wittering on about, my life hasn't changed at all!"

Let me tell you this my friend, change will come to you,  as it comes to all of us. Three years ago I didn't imagine my life would ever change, but it has. Just like the hopeful snowdrops that battle through the winter to remind us that a change of season is on its way, so will your life.