Sunday, 16 November 2014

Spin the wheel

Today has been a wonky brain day.

I could feel the greyness slowly creeping over me in the night, and as soon as I woke up I knew the black dog would be barking loudly.

I have battled through, resisting the urge to curl up in bed and go to sleep (although that will be happening soonish.)

Sometimes I think that my brain has one of those wheel of fortune spinners, it goes, click click click, deciding whether to land on 'bad depression day' or 'good depression day'. 

 At one point, my brain couldnt even spin the wheel, it was just stuck on bad, bad, baddest, worst.

Each day is a random spin, which can often be rather tricky. Particuarly as I like to plan things, get organised, and when I have a bad day, plans can just get thrown out of the window. Its frustrating.

Frustrating for me.

Frustrating for others.

Frustrating for you having to read this!



Tomorrow is a new day.

Thats what I have to hold on to.

(And the fact that I can have nice long lie in... HURRAH!)


P.S if you havent already heard it, check out my radio interview

Friday, 7 November 2014

Time to tune in

The place I would most like to be right now is snuggled up in my cosy bed....oh that old trusty friend is beckoning to me again...

But I must endeavor to resist and instead tell you all of some exciting news...(unless I have already told you, in which case, you will just have to get excited for the second time today...)

Tomorrow morning (10:10am to be precise) I will be on BBC radio Bristol having a little chinwag with Dr Phil Hammond about this very blog.

Fancy that.

If you want to tune in and hear my funny old voice then either tune into 94.9 fm if you're local or click on this link, and you should be able to listen online.

I'm trying to jot a few things down just incase my brain decides to shut down and forget everything...(how embarrassing would that be?!)

As unlikely as this is, I wanted to make sure now (incase I have a sudden bout of amnesia) that I say a big thank you to each and every one of you for reading this strange little blog of mine.

Its been almost four years now since I started writing (yes really, four, how scary is that?!) And your support and encouragement has kept me going through the darkest times.

I never imagined that this would be such a long running chapter of my life, but as ever, I'm overwhelmingly grateful to you all for continuing to follow this.

I can only hope that it has brought you some understanding, comfort, support, and maybe even the odd giggle. 

Oh and of course not forgetting my fav all time word/theme/obsession...that in some small way it has brought you HOPE.

Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow!