Monday, 29 June 2015

A helpful little blogging session

After weeks of never-ending busyness I have finally sat down and designated myself 30 mins to do some writing. 


I have felt such a yearning over the past few weeks to do some writing, but I just haven't had the time.

My head is so full of thoughts, ideas that cross over one another,like mysterious winding country lanes that lead to unknown destinations.

But now I am here, just me and my keyboard, with the freedom to type whatever random thoughts fly through my funny little brain.

As I mentioned on my past blog, I started a new job a few months ago.

I'm no longer a lady who lunches, with days off to lounge around and catch up on my favourite netflix programmes...Oh I'm working till 9-5 (well 9-6 if you want the specifics.)

The challenge of working full time again is a big one. Its a challenge that I didnt think I'd ever reach, so in that respect, I can give myself a mini high five.

However, it sometimes feels like a continual test against my strength. 

Yes, I know most people hate getting up in the morning, but try getting up every day with the thought that you're already far too broken to face the challenges ahead.

I'm beginning to accept that I now have to battle the black dog in a different ways.

In my previous job, in time, I was able to quieten his barking, and so I guess I need to hold onto this, and remember that there are ways I can control him.

Although some days he barks so loudly I'm deaf to rest of the world. All I can do is tell myself that tomorrow is a new day.


Enough of that.

Shall I now bore you all with wed-min?

Yes thats wed-min.


The slightly disgustingly cheesy word that engaged couples have invented to describe any wedding related admin.

Nah, I wouldnt do that to you guys.

Suffice to say I have it completely under control (and when I say completely, I mean kind of, sort of, almost getting there in a round about way.)

7 weeks to go until I'm Mrs B.

Although the feminists (and anyone who loves the name Piggott) will be pleased to note that I'm changing my name to Susanna Ruth Piggott Burborough.

I've realized I'm not posh enough to have a double barreled name, so I'm keeping Piggott as my middle name.


Girl power!

Bet the Spice Girls would be so proud of me.


And now my 30 mins is up, so i'm going to toddle off and enjoy a cigarette in the evening sunshine...I mustn't leave it so long next time, its felt good having a little blogging sesh!



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  2. I'm agree that writing is actually feel refreshing

  3. Ha, love it. I know blogging certainly helps me get out what is on my mind!!!

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